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Mathan’s blog

Mathan has been selected for a European Fellowship Program.

Mathan has been supported by Reach for the Stars one year in 2012 for his B.E. Mechanical Engineering. He has joined Auroville two years ago and has started his own small Enterprise developing sustainable compost solutions. He sent us this update recently:

I am now writing this to share a very special experience with you. My project (Eco-friendly drinking water filter) has been selected for a European fellowship program. Only 10 applicants have seen selected from all over the world. In fact, I am the very first one from South India. As a part of the fellowship, recently I visited 4 European countries (Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and Belgium) for different training and field visits. I also attended the Stockholm World Water Week event, a big meetup and knowledge exchange event for the global people who work in the field of water and sanitation. I have learned so many good things.

I now would like to reflect some positive vibes to you. I attached some pictures. Without your support and encouragement in my early days, I wouldn’t have come to this point. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Babu Mathan

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