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Three ways to support the project

Donation: If your are a citizen of a country with an Auroville International (AVI) office please check here to find out if you can make a donation that is tax-exempt. Tax-exempt donations can be made by citizens of the USA and UK by following the links. It is important that you specify AVAG Reach for the Stars as the recipient of the funds and that you give your full address so they can send your tax-exemption receipt. Credit card donations can be made through Please enter Reach for the Stars under ,specific areas‘. There is no tax exemption for such donations. Or check below for Paypal payments.

Sponsorship: If you are able to contribute a larger amount over a period of 3-4 years you could sponsor an individual student. We supply you with a list of students, their plans for education and the cost of their programs. You may then choose the individual you would like to support during their course. The one-on-one relationship with a student can make this manner of donation a very enriching experience. Students send you, their sponsor, emails with accounts of their progress. You will receive reports and test results as well. If you would like to offer a sponsorship, please email for further information on the students.

Membership: We welcome membership of Reach for the Stars. Donate a monthly amount of your choice. You will receive regular updates on our project and information on the progress of our students. It may be possible for you to make your donation through an AVI account and receive your tax-exemption yearly. Please check with your national AVI office.

Further information: Donations to our own German Verein are tax-exempted in Germany. 
Our account details: Förderverein Reach for the Stars e.V., Konto 55 0136 59, BLZ 51250000, Taunus Sparkasse, IBAN: DE 07 5125 0000 0055 0136 59, BIC: HELADEF1TSK. For donors who need the tax-exemption in Germany we recommend they route their donation through our Verein in Germany.

All donations will finally go through Auroville Unity Fund, since our project is registered under the Auroville Village Action Trust. Of money that reaches our project’s account in India, 1% is kept by the Auroville Unity Fund to cover administrative costs. The remaining 99% will go to the education of the students.

If you transfer from India or you would like to avoid the fee charged by AVI offices, please transfer to the account written below. Remember that you will have high bank charges and no tax-exemption unless you are an Indian citizen. Donations within India are tax-exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961: Bank Name: State Bank of India, Branch Name: FCRA Cell, Branch Code: 000691, Beneficiary Account Name: Auroville Foundation Beneficiary Account Number: 401 061 205 26 SWIFT CODE: SBININBB104 Purpose: AVAG – Reach for the Stars Project Postal address for cheques: Payable to: Auroville Foundation Auroville, Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu-INDIA. Please specify the project name as “AVAG Reach for the Stars” to make absolutely sure we can follow up on your contribution. Reach for the Stars can also issue tax exemption receipts under section 35ac. Please contact us for more information.

It would be very helpful if you could email us on to let us know the amount of your payment, when and how made, then we will know to look for it if it gets held up in the system.