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A letter written by Tamizshelvam

Dear Stephanie, I have a good news. I have been selected for AcSir (Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research) Abdul Kalam Summer Training Program 2016. It is one of the training programs conducted by the government of India for 3rd year engineering students. Only 20 students are selected for the summer program, while nearly 5000 […]


Blog by Saravanan

Hi! I am Saravanan, a student of Reach for the Stars. I finished my school in Auroville’s New Creation Bilingual School and After School. These schools are free. My mother paid fees for my other two brothers for their schools. Due to this I was worried: why send me to this school that does not […]


Receiving a scholarship from Reach for the Stars

What difference did receiving a scholarship from Reach for the Stars make in your life? What do you think you would do now, if you had not received the scholarship? I asked this question to some of our students, here is Poovizhi’s answer, she studies Computer Science Engineering at Mailam Engineering college, she teaches English […]


A sponsor’s blog

I had visited and stayed in Auroville, an international city in Tamil Nadu and located very near to Puducherry, with my wife Annemarie (of German origin) in the years 1984, 1991 and 1997 and was very pleased with the way things had evolved in Auroville and how people from so many countries and Indians from […]



On 18th October we had an open house for the high school students of 11th and 12th grade – our future applicants. It was held to give information about our organisation and our selection process and also our application forms were available. We invited all the students from villages around, Kuilapalayam, Bommaiyarpalayam,  Edyayanchavadi, Kottakarai, Kottakuppam. […]