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Taking Responsibility

A significant aspect of our program is to encourage young people to be aware of and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Every student has accepted certain basic conditions:

  • to participate in weekly English Classes
  • to work hard to improve their English (language of instruction in universities)
  • maintain an average grade of D (minimum 60%)
  • help others on the program whenever necessary and if they can
  • pay back 20% of scholarship as soon as their earnings allow
  • submit regular progress reports to the program

Those experiencing difficulties can expect sympathy and support from teachers and fellow students.

Many of our students come from struggling families with little or no history of high educational attainment. Acceptance on our program enables those students to break free from that cycle and take control of and transform their lives.  In the process they grow and develop in self-confidence and become inspiring role models for the younger people in their families and communities. It has been noted that they begin to think and behave with greater maturity and concern for the welfare of others, which we support and encourage.  Our Reach for the Stars students appreciate the great opportunity that has come their way and take seriously their social responsibility to their families and communities.  They are committed to making whatever positive contribution they can.