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Successful candidates for Reach for the Stars are:

  • in the age range 17-25
  • from villages in the vicinity of the township of Auroville
  • graduates of high school
  • people with insufficient financial means by themselves to further their education to university/college level

We check academic records, finances and evidence of applicants’ motivation to learn and realize their potential to improve their lives. Recruiting-team members come from the same villages as the students so are well placed to become familiar with a student‘s talents, character and circumstances.

Reach for the Stars applicants fill in an extensive questionnaire. Our selection team visits applicants in their homes. That has proven an effective way to ensure our support goes to those who are genuinely in need. In the next stage of the evaluation we get the students to write an essay under supervision after which they are interviewed.

Each step has been designed to reveal as much as possible to us about academic skills, financial situations and family backgrounds and whether applicants have the necessary motivation to make the best of this life opportunity.

There are occasions when our process can be very difficult for all concerned; to turn down an applicant, as sometimes we have to do, is never a pleasant or easy thing. In contrast we are delighted each time we add a new member to our growing band of aspirants in Reach for the Stars.

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