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Selection process

Dear Applicant to the Reach for the Stars program,

Please fill in this application form in your own handwriting and, between 15 December and 15 March, hand it in to one of our representatives:

  • Saravanan for Kuilapalayam, Chinna Mudaliar Chavady and Bommiarpalayam
  • Raj for Kottakarai and Irumbai
  • Mani and Manoj Kumar for Morattandi
  • Savithiri for Alankuppam, Sanjeev Nagar and Anai Nagar
  • Poovizhi for Edayanchavadi

Application process

  • The applicant must be in genuine need
  • The applicant must fill in the questionnaire and submit the requested recommendations together with copies of their school or college results (download application form)
  • All information given in the application form must be truthful; if found otherwise the application process will be terminated
  • The applicant may not be an Aurovilian or a child of an Aurovilian
  • The applicant must agree to the following Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. A scholarship will be given on the condition that the student works hard and gains good grades.

The scholarship will be suspended if the student fails or shows insufficient interest in and application to course work.

Students are expected to obtain, as a minimum attainment, a grade D (60%).

  1. Students must attend the weekly English classes.

The scholarship will be suspended, if the student does not attend regularly.

  1. Students agree to repay, on completion of their courses, when they are earning enough to be able to do so, a minimum of 20% of the scholarship they received. The money will be used by the sponsor to support other students.

Application Form 2020

Download PDF